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We have been competing since the first season, Velocity Vortex.

In the third season of the FTC competition, we won the second-place "Think" award, given for a complete and detailed engineering notebook

  • The fourth season was exceptional for us. We had the honor of receiving the Innovate Award - first place at the regional stage. This award was given for the ingenuity and originality of the robot's systems. Additionally, we were ranked first in the point standings of the regional competition.

Ultimate Goal was one of the most challenging seasons for us, due to the pandemic. Despite the given conditions, we managed to win the Design Award - 3rd place at the regional stage. In Powerplay we built a robot with a unique chassis design, the Swerve Differential. This system amazed the judges and sparked the curiosity of many robotics experts due to its different mode of operation.

This season, 2023-2024, has the potential to be the best in team history. Approaching a different strategy compared to the one of the previous season, we managed to design an efficient robot, not only from the perspective of mechanical systems, but also from the programming one. Our robot is the result of the hard work of an incredible team, which managed to integrate the new and innovative systems to rise to the competition level.


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